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Jindotales books is a passion project started in 2013 as a fun and creative way to introduce and celebrate the Korean Jindo dog through storytelling. Helen T. Kim created a series of rhythmic, poetic children's books that are perfectly suited for animal lovers around the world.  These colorful, bedtime stories are meant to capture the imagination of young readers and educate them about this amazing, little known dog of Korea.  Please take the time to enjoy this site and learn about these special dogs who inspired Jindotales books.    

Jindo and the Moon

Little Jindo awakens to embark on an exciting adventure,

guided by his friend, the moon.  Sliding on sand dunes and

crossing oceans far and wide, Jindo takes us to exotic and distant lands.  Is it all just a dream? This enchanting story will capture the hearts and minds of animal lovers everywhere. 

Jindo and the Moon will surely become your child's new favorite bedtime story.  Jindo and the Moon can also be enjoyed on Magicblox digital library!

Jindo and the Moon

Jindo and the Moon Korean Edition

Now available on Amazon!

Jindotales books is excited to announce a new and improved Korean translation version of "Jindo and the Moon," complete with Korean Hangul learning pages.  These helpful pages include a basic guide to the Korean Hangul alphabet, designed by teacher and translator Jini Shim. Teach your little ones a new language, as they enjoy this educational, night time adventure!  Also available on Magicblox online library.


Toby and Gabbey's Fun in the Sun

Join Toby and Gabbey on their colorful journey across the mountains and through a forest of magical trees.  This bright, dynamic story is filled with surprising adventure and endearing friendship. This book is a 2013 Gittle List award winner and was inspired by two Jindos who were adopted in California.  ​No need to wait---this delightful story is finally here!  This colorful tale will surely become a nap time favorite for your little one.  Available through Magicblox digital library and Amazon!
Gittle List Award

Jindo and the Moon

Mandarin Version

Jindotales Books is proud to present our classic tale now translated and available in Mandarin.  We are dedicated to making our books available to international readers, and hope you enjoy our latest version of "Jindo and the Moon."
Suitable for all ages!

"Beautiful book, English and Mandarin translations. We purchased this for two little Taiwanese girls who came to us for an English Christmas xx" ~ Amazon review from the UK

Jindotales books are available on Kindle!

" Helen T. Kim's illustrations are bright and beautiful and sure to captivate the the little ones."

~ Aviva Gittle Books

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